December 5

Our Global Goal


What is Climate Action?

Climate action is when greenhouse gases get released  into the air which causes air pollution and makes the ozone layer hotter and the sea levels are rising, the weather is becoming hotter


Why Climate Action is important?

It is important because all the habits of the animals are slowly disappearing. Sea levels are rising because of global warming and that can cause people to not have a house to live in which causes them to become homeless and that is already a problem that we have in our world.

It is bad for our environment because the air pollution because the coal plants are releases carbon dioxide which is bad for your body and do inhale.



Strengthen capacity to help against climate-related hazards and natural disasters in all countries.

Improve  education, awareness-raising and human capacity on climate change adaptation, impact reduction and early warning.

To complete this goal by 2030

Climate Action is important as a Global Goal because all the glaciers and icebergs are melting because of global warming and the sea levels are rising.

To raise awareness we are going to make origami and on the origami there are ways to reduce electricity


What can you do to prevent Global Warming?

Open your blinds instead of turning on your lights!

Turn off the lights when you live the room if no one is in there.

Dress for the temperature!

Shut doors to areas you are not using and only heat or cool the rooms you spend the most time in!

Replace old light globes with energy-efficient globes!

Use blankets instead of using your heater


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