April 27

St Francis of Assisi

How long did Saint Francis live?

St Francis was born in 1181 and lived for 44 years before dying on the 3rd of October 1226 but his Feast Day is on the fourth.


Where and who was Saint Francis associated with?

Saint Francis was associated with Assisi and with the order of Franciscans.


What was happening at the time of his birth?

The Roman Catholic practise of the Blessed Sacrament spread from monasteries to local parishes.


How did he show that he loved God and others?

He gave away his inheritance and all he had for his faith and he helped and loved the poor so much he once kissed a leper.


Why do I admire him?

I admire him because he was loved by God so much that he received the STIGMATA or, more commonly know as the wounds of Christ. He was the first person to have it.

Also he loves animals like I do.

How can I be like Saint Francis in my daily life?

I can love and care for humans and animals alike and be reverent to God.


What fruits did Saint Francis show in his life?

He showed……

  • Love
  • Gentleness
  • Kindness
  • Goodness
  • Faithfulness

When he washed healed and lifted the spirits of the sick, homeless and the poor.

What gifts did Saint Francis show in his life?

He showed……

  • Wonder and awe
  • Reverence  
  • Fortitude

When he devoted his life to God.


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