March 30

Blurb – The Plan – My Story

Once upon a time there lived a gorilla named Greg.

He had two friends.

One was Holly the giraffe and the other was Dan the frog.

They all lived deep inside the jungle and had lots of cool adventures.

One day they were walking through the jungle when suddenly Bazzinga the tiger jump at Holly from the bushes!

Luckily Greg saved Holly by biting Bazzinga on the paw so that he ran away.

But unfortunately that was not the last they would see of Bazzinga!

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March 30

Asylum Seekers


Who Are Asylum-Seekers?

An asylum seeker is someone who is forced to seek asylum in other countries because of famine and war.

When did they start coming?

Most asylum-seekers started to come to Australia in numbers after 1976 by boat in most cases, in vessels that were not to flash.


How do they get here?

Until recently, a vast majority between 96% and 99% of asylum seekers have arrived by air, well as boat arrivals only made up a small proportion.

In 2011 there has been many more boat arrivals, however boat arrivals still comprise less than half of Australia’s onshore asylum seekers.

Now In 2017 there are more boat arrivals.  


What’s the difference between asylum seekers and refugees?

The difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee is that a refugee has been accepted by the government to enter Australia where as asylum seekers have not.

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