February 16

The Plan – By Matthew 

One day they were walking through the jungle when suddenly Bazzinga the tiger jump at Holly from the bushes!

Luckily Greg saved Holly by biting Bazzinga on the paw so that he ran away.

But unfortunately that was not the last they would see of Bazzinga!

The next day Dan was drinking from the river when Gotcha! Bazzinga Grabbed Dan from behind with his paws and took him to his den!

Bazzinga was about to kill Dan when Greg jump on Bazzinga taking him down and knocking his paw away from Dan, saving him.

Then Holly came in and tied him to a tree that was near Bazzinga’s rocky den.

When they left Bazzinga got his claws and cut the ropes so he was free!

This time he had a plan to kill Greg and his annoying little friends!

For the next whole week Bazzinga was setting a trap to catch them.

When he was done he put their favourite food in the trap as bait to make them go in the trap.

The next day Bazzinga heard a snap as his trap went off!

He ran to his trap and sighed with anger as he found that he had caught a raven.

The Bazzinga yelled at the raven scaring it off.

He was really annoyed because now he had to set the trap again and catch Greg and his brat friends.

When Bazzinga was nearly finished setting the trap he accidentally put his toe in the trap triggering it which broke that toe.

Bazzinga quickly got some thin vine and wrapped it up to keep it from hurting more.

When he had rested a bit he finished setting the trap and then hid in the bushes where he was hidden but could still see his marvellous creation which will hopefully in his opinion help catch Greg and his little annoying brat friends.

Thy suddenly SNAP!

Bazzinga’s trap went off and he ran out of hiding and found that Greg, Holly and Dan had all fell for his trick and got caught in his trap!

Then Bazzinga wonder what he wanted for dinner.

“Gorilla stew, Giraffe Pudding or Roasted Frog ………………”

“I think I will go with roasted frog tonight”.

So the next thing you know Bazzinga is taking Dan from the trap!

But to Bazzinga there is an unexpected hero Paul the snake!

She bite Bazzinga on the paw who yelp and ran away as the venom started hurting him!

The End

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