July 27

Hairspray the Musical – Review

Title of Production: Hairspray the Musical


Main Characters: Tracey Turnblad, Link, Amber, Seaweed Motor Mouth, Penny, Edna Turnblad, Wilbur Turnblad, Corny Collins and Maybelle Motor Mouth

Link: Amber’s boyfriend

Tracey: Penny’s friend

Amber: Link’s girlfriend

Penny: Tracey’s friend


Summary of the story:

Tracey Turnblad is a bit overweight teenager who is teased for it.

She is obsessed with the Corney Colins Show and when an opportunity comes to go on the show she jumps at the chance!

When she gets on the show she is so happy and in love with Link.

……….Then she protested for black rights things go downhill.


What genre of production does this  belong to?

The genre of this I think is a musical.


What themes did I notice in the production?

That they were a lot more rude and racist then people are now.


Can I make any connections with the themes to our world today?

Some people are still racist and greedy like in the movie.


What visual images stood out the most to me?

Miss Motor Mouth’s Record Store because of the back drop.