May 23

Static Electricity

In your life when do you experience static electricity?

Here are some of the times that I experience static electricity in my everyday life:

  1. Going down the slide  (I don’t do it very often anymore)
  2. Taking clothes out of the washing machine
  3. A jumping toy
  4. Sliding on carpet
  5. Catching a spinning Frisbee

This is a link I used:

Science Made Simple

May 18

The Prologue of My Story


Trale hated his awful life more then his annoying American step-brother James. At least once a month he got attacked by an evil, blood thirsty monster at school or at James’ old and run down house. Mostly he ran as fast as he could to run in the other direction. Or he would grab something that might affect the monster and hit it with it multiple times. But in the end he still got so grubby  and tired that he had to jump into the swamp down the road from James’ house so he would be allowed in the house.Then he would hit the couch hard.

His latest attack had been at midnight while he was in bed watching television. The sleek black rough skinned Humanoid snake had creeped in through the open white window on the far wall from the door..As soon as it pounced it was cut in half by a 3 foot long red ruby encrusted white ivory blade.

Luckily the holder of the blade was a lot nicer to him then he was to the humanoid snake thing that he had just cut in half only seconds ago.The holder of the blade look like a bearded James only with darker olive skin like his own. The man wore ruby encrusted ivory armor that matched his sword. His hair was black with grease that looked like it was being used as a hair gel.

When he spoke he sounded like he had said the lines a million times before this.

He said ”My name is Craige, are you Trale Rift Hans Genes? ”That was a name no one called him if they were smart. But this guy seemed different then everyone else he knew in his small life.

Trale said “ Yes, but how do you know my full name?!”

” You are not mortal. You are one of the world’s most endangered people. You are in more danger then the army itself.You must come with me and learn skills that may save your life more then once in your probably short life.”

Trale didn’t understand why was he in danger and why did he need training from these guys whoever they were .

”No I not coming Craige.”

Craige sighed

“I hate doing this, they better double my pay.”

“Pay for what?”

“Your death!”

Then he got bashed in the head with the hilt of his sword and everything went black.

When Trale came back to consciousness he was in a bag. He was on a conveyor belt moving towards an incinerator. The heat from it was so intense that he was starting to sweat already………

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May 13

Birch Trees

I think the best thing we did was making the birch trees.

We got water paint and made a background.

Then we got another piece of paper and made three trees with black paint.

Then we had some cut up bits of cardboard.

We dipped them in the black paint and made some lines and markings on the trees.

They looked great.

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May 5

Max Born

download (5)Max Born was a German physicist and mathematician who was instrumental in the development of quantum mechanics.
He shared the Noble Prize for Physics in 1954.

Born had picked up an interest inmatrix calculus,higher analysis, astronomy and physics.

He continued his studies under a Nobel Prize-winning physicist at Cambridge and returned to his hometown university to work on the theory of relativity, collaborating with and then taking over for a renowned professor there, which led to his first brush with Albert Einstein.

Born: December 11, 1882, Wroclaw , Poland
Died: January 5, 1970, Gottingen , Germany