April 29

Australian Food

download (4)  Australian food is a whole mix of different food like spreads ,Cakes ,Pies and much more.


Vegemite is a spread that Non – Australians find yucky. This is because when they put it on there toast or bread they put it way to thick which taste bad and can make you sick (That is in my opinion).


Another food is a lamington. A lamington has a fluffy inside coated with jam plus a layer of chocolate. On top of that is coconut bits. We have it as a treat.

What’s a food of your country?

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April 14

My Favourite Holiday Event

I think the best thing I did on my really fun holiday would be going on an afternoon swim at the beach. I really enjoyed it because the water was warmer than usual. We stayed for an hour until my granny got cold and we had to go home. But while we were there I had a good bogey board and did some body surfing.